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August 2016

A Spanish translation for "Love Pyar Whatever" is in the works.  Stay tuned for its release.

"Love Pyar Whatever" is released 
on two Video on Demand plate forms -- Vimeo On Demand and VHS.  Please visit either site to purchase or stream to your computer.

On Vimeo --

On VHX --

March 2015

"Love Pyar Whatever" is released in 20 theaters in India.  The premiere date was March 27th, 2015 and all the viewers has a wonderful time.

February 2015

After an extended editing period, Carlos' first feature, "Love Pyar Whatever", is ready to see the big screen.  The movie will be seen in 70 theaters throughout India.  It is anticipated that the premiere date will be March 27th, 2015 for these showings.  Stay tuned for further information about which theaters will show "Love Pyar Whatever".

January 2015

The theatrical India trailer to "Love Pyar Whatever" has just been released.  This trailer will be shown in India at theaters in anticipation of our March release.  Check it out.

October 2014

Love Pyar Whatever had a successful sneak preview on October 5th, 2014, in San Jose, CA.  Listen to some after show interviews with the Cast and audience.

July 2013

The extended trailer to "Love Pyar Whatever" has been released.  Check it out.


Carlos has sold his first spec feature screenplay, Grave Desperation, to Awaaz Production out of San Jose, CA.  The movie is in pre-production.

Lance Kawas has been selected to be the Director.  Check out his website.

January 2013

In 2012 Carlos was contracted to write and direct a feature movie called, "Love Pyar Whatever".  After many months of writing, the production started in December, 2012 with the production completing in December, 2013.  Presently, the project has moved into the Editing phase.  Come back for further updates.  In the mean time, go to these pages for further information.

May 2011

Las Tundas of the Valley is proud to be an Official Selection to the CANNES IN A VAN Film Festival to be held in Cannes, France during the Cannes Film Festival.

Cannes in a Van

March 2011

Lauren Delfs who played Monica in my “Las Tundas of the Valley” web series was has nominated for the Supporting Young Actress award at the 32nd Annual Young Artist Award held in L.A. on Sunday March 13th.


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