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With the untimely death of his father, a young man is forced to quickly learn the family business in Spain.  While in Spain, he meets and romances a young woman.  He subsequently invites her to San Francisco to continue their romance, but what was once a sweet love affair soon descends into deceit, lies and murder as she hides a secret that may destroy his family.

Corporate raider, Rebecca O'Malley, who relishes getting what she wants, regardless on who she has to walk over, has met her match -- her family.  During her latest family get together, she must battle her families opinions and tempers in order to insure that mankind continues to survive -- Yes, she is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Craig Adams has just witnessed two murders. Prompted by his wife, Alexandra, he identifies the two killers to the police.  But when his family is targeted for death, he will call upon his previous life, as a Basque Assassin, to protect his family and eliminate his pursuers.

A boy suffers another day of schoolyard torture.  Just before he takes his revenge, his grandfather tells him three stories that he hopes will convince his grandson to forgo revenge.  In the first, a family inflicts an "honor" execution upon the man who killed their little girl.  In the second story, two brothers fight over the family fortune that leaves no one standing.  In the third story, a past victim turns the tables on a serial killer.  These stories hold the key to a young boy's soul and to the continuation of the human race.

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